Screen Repair

screen repairA properly functioning screen in each window that you open is important for several reasons.  First,  even though we cant always see it, a screen catches many small particles from dust and dirt to grass, hair and pollen. Second, in addition to the stuff floating on the breeze here in the Midwest, there are plenty of critters and insects that would love nothing more than to make your home theirs as well.  A tear or hole in a screen is a perfect opportunity for them to infiltrate.  Third, a clean, tight and seamless screen just looks nice!

We can usually repair most screens on site in no time at all.  Since screens are typically removed for services like house washing and window cleaning,  it is an easy add-on.  It will save you time and money over taking damaged screens to a store location and waiting several weeks or more before returning and picking them up.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call!   (740) 990-9811